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Performance Testing

Performance has a through relation with productivity. Performance problems can have adverse consequences on business. This may result in decreased productivity, losing customer base; thereby resulting in financial loss and a bad market standing for a company.

From online banking to online shopping or connecting with people across the globe through videos, talks and blogs, today's enterprises rely on web-based applications to run their everyday business. With large number of users and changing traffic levels performance is becoming a big issue. The rapid growth of web-based users of e-commerce applications demands high performance applications. With pool of competitors standing by side, the stable and faster is the response of application, better is the business you do.

Our Performance Testing Team helps you prevent issues by detecting bottlenecks in the application and obtain an accurate depiction of system performance before going live.



Some of the key benefits of Performance Testing:

  • Cut costs by reducing your application performance issues in production.
  • Validates the scalability, reliability and resource usage of web and server applications.
  • Helps ensure applications are able to handle large user loads prior to deployment.
  • Determines how fast some aspect of a system performs under a particular workload.

Benecode offers the following services under Performance Testing:

Performance Test

To determine or validate speed, scalability, and/or stability.

Load Test

Process to test application behavior under normal and peak load conditions.

Stress Test

To determine or validate an application's behavior when it is pushed beyond normal or peak load conditions.

Capacity Test

To determine how many users and/or transactions a given system will support and still meet performance goals.

Endurance Test

To determine if the system can sustain the continuous expected load.

Spike Test

Suddenly increasing the number of or load generated by, users by a very large amount and observing the behavior of the system.

Our Performance team is skilled on the commercial and open source tools.